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Jacque Maribe shares photo of her father and Dennis Itumbi




Former Citizen TV news anchor and political reporter Jacque Maribe has shared a photo of her father Maribe Mwangi with Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi.

Maribe reiterated that Itumbi was part of their family and no matter what people say, they will always have a bond.

“Mr Maribe and his son-in-law Dennis Itumbi. No matter what anyone says we remain family,” she wrote.

Dennis Itumbi with Mr. Maribe. PHOTO: Jacque Maribe

Mr. Itumbi was mysteriously attacked towards the end of last year. He was discharged from Nairobi West Hospital on January 1.

“The doctors have said I am out of danger. I will only go back to the hospital for normal clinics,” he said, adding that the alleged abduction left him with numerous injuries.

“I suffered triple fractures on the left leg, one fracture on the right leg and an ankle dislocation,” he added after leaving hospital.


Itumbi also sustained an arm fracture and a dislocated wrist.

“Because of the handcuffs, I also sustained wrist dislocation,” said the blogger, an act he believes was meant to silence him and keep him traumatized,” he said.

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