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Jeff Mwathi’s mom explains why she thoroughly cleans son’s grave after every 3 days



Ann Wacuka, the mother to Jeff Mwathi has revealed that she routinely cleans her son’s grave after the soil covering was replaced with a granite tombstone.

Mwathi’s grave was dug up on March 31, 2023, as detectives exhumed his body to collect more samples for analysis to aid their investigations.

The family has since replaced the soil covering the grave with a granite tombstone.

Speaking to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko in the Likia area of Njoro sub-county in Nakuru county, Jeff’s mother said that she regularly cleans her son’s grave.

Umeamua kusafisha? (You have decided to clean the grave?)” Kioko asked Jeff’s mother.

Nlikua tu napanguzapanguza ata nakujanga kuosha (I was just wiping the grave but I usually come to clean it),” she said.

Ann Wacuka further explained that she thoroughly cleans the grave because Jeff Mwathi was a very clean and tidy person.

Huyu mtoto alikua mclean sana sana sana. Alikua msafi sana,” she said.

Ann revealed that she cleans her son’s grave after every three days or sometimes even daily if she doesn’t have other things to do.

[nakujanga] after three days. Na kama sometimes nimeboeka nawezakuja karibu kila siku kama sina kitu nafanya nyumbani. Natembea hapa nakuja naangalia alafu narudi nyumbani,” she said.

Ann added that she usually wipes the grave with water and a towel.

Nakujanga na maji na towel napanguza vizuri,” she said.

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