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John Allan Namu reveals how NTV exposé cost his wife her job 



By Kevin Koech

Celebrated investigative journalist John Allan Namu has revealed how his exposé on Felicien Kabuga cost his wife her job.

Speaking during a recent interview, Namu revealed that his wife, Sheena Makena, was forced to take a three-month leave after threats against him became too much.

Namu revealed that in 2011, he received a tip that Kabuga, a then wanted criminal in relation to Rwandan Genocide, was living in Kenya.

“We go out and started following his trail picking clues. I go back and share my evidence with my boss. It goes through the editorial committee. Then I start to receive threats, some of my sources have been threatened,” he said.

The journalist and his family was forced to go into hiding to the sake of their safety.

“For two months while I was doing a story here, my wife and my two children were in the safe house with me. I had to pull them out of kindergarten but my wife had to leave work to take care of them which was a big deal,” he added.

After releasing the story, Namu revealed tha threats became intense forcing him and his family to fly to another country.

He disclosed that his wife lost her job while in hiding abroad.

“She went on leave for the first month, then unpaid leave for the second month. Just as we were releasing the story, we took off to another country (him and his family). While we were in hiding, she lost her job,” he narrated.

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Namu was later featured in a film adapted by Netflix, World’s Most Wanted, as an expert on Kabuga who has since been arrested.


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