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Kamakis ‘drunk’ driver who killed 6 people to remain in custody for 7 days



By Wanja Waweru

A driver who allegedly killed six people while driving drunk near the Kamakis Eastern Bypass, a few kilometers from the Thika Superhighway, will be held without bail for seven days while authorities conduct their investigation.

On October 30, Cosmas Mutembei, the driver, rammed a tuk-tuk that was approaching the highway from behind, striking a matatu that was parked on the side of the road and waiting to pick up passengers.

Five people in the tuk-tuk, including the driver and a youngster, perished at the scene.

After the police were successful in their request for additional days to conduct their investigation, the motorist who was charged in the Ruiru Law Courts will continue to be held in custody.

According to a miscellaneous application submitted by head inspector Samir Adhuman Yunus, Mutembei is being looked into for causing a fatal accident while driving recklessly.

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