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Karua: I won’t be Raila’s running mate



Narc-Kenya leader Martha Karua has dismissed claims that she will be ODM leader Raila Odinga’s running mate in the 2022 polls.

Ms Karua said she was eyeing the Kirinyaga governor’s seat.

“I have not declared to be someone’s running mate nor have I been approached by anybody,” she stated.

“I will be running for the Kirinyaga governor’s seat in the next polls,” she said.

She said that Mount Kenya region will only support a presidential candidate who will address insecurity and poor coffee and tea prices.

She warned Mount Kenya leaders against folding up their political parties ahead of 2022 polls.

The Mount Kenya region Unity Forum chairperson Martha Karua was speaking at Kerugoya Starwood Hotel during a leaders’ meeting. She said that folding up political parties would be suicidal as it would be difficult for the leaders to bargain during power sharing.

Jubilee Party

Currently, most of the region’s residents lean towards the United Democratic Alliance which is linked to Deputy President William Ruto.

She said the DP Ruto is now regretting after dissolving his URP party to team up with President Uhuru Kenyatta to form Jubilee.

“At the moment there are a lot of political fights between the President and his deputy, the deputy president has no power over the control of Jubilee,” she said.

Ms Karua who was accompanied by presidential aspirant Mukhisa Kituyi said that Mt Kenya leaders should be given free space to run their political parties without interference.

She said the region will influence the direction Kenya will take politically if the leaders stand firm.

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Revive economy

Dr Kituyi said Kenya required a president who will revive the economy and eradicate corruption.

He observed that graft had contributed to the deteriorating economy and advised Kenyans to be careful when choosing leaders in 2022.

He asked Kenyans to vet leaders before casting their votes if they desire to be liberated.

“They should ask candidates who want to lead the nation what they will do to bring the economy back to its feet and how they will seal corruption loopholes,” said Dr Kituyi.

He said that Kenya had accumulated huge debts due to poor leadership.

“Kenya has a debt of Sh7.7 trillion and the next president will have no option but to pay it. We should elect leaders who can grow the economy to avoid relying on debts,” Dr Kituyi added.

He said Kenyans should elect a good leader who will steer the country to greater heights of economic success.


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