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Karua loses her cool during Azimio press conference



By Wanja Waweru

Azimio principal Martha Karua was furious with two journalists on Monday during the question-and-answer period that followed the organization’s press release.

The reporters asked Karua for clarification on a number of points after he had just finished reading the Azimio statement regarding their scheduled “consultative meeting” on Wednesday at Kamukunji grounds.

The first reporter questioned Azimio leader Raila Odinga about President William Ruto’s accusations that he was attempting to use protests to coerce a handshake with him.

During this portion of the news conference at his Capitol Hill office, Raila stepped away from the podium.

“You surely do not expect our leader to be responding to everybody who says something unfounded. You better go back to that source to give you facts to show that what he is saying is true,” Karua said.

Before this, Raila had made it clear that the Kamukunji event would not be a protest but rather a consultative gathering.

He issued a warning that the Kenya Kwanza administration should bear responsibility if there was any unrest at the event since they had undoubtedly infiltrated their ranks with thugs who would plan the carnage.

“This regime is trying to paint a horror movie picture of this event. The maandamano they’re talking about is theirs, not ours.

“Should they try to plant people to disrupt the event or to take advantage of the meeting to create chaos, the government will have itself to blame,” Raila said.

A second reporter enquired as to why the leadership of Azimio had chosen not to take the government’s decisions it disagreed with to court.

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Azimio claims that this plan includes lifting the GMO ban, which will enable some multinational corporations to profit handsomely from the sale of seedlings, and removing the IEBC commissioners from their positions, which will allow for the rigging of the 2027 elections.

“Since when did the competition become the senior advisor or a cheerleader? Let us be serious and let us do whatever people feel befits them in the position they stand. We reject unsolicited advice,” Karua retorted.

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