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Kate Actress, Jackie Matubia ignored by their partners on Mothers day



Jackie Matubia and Kate actress were ignored by their lovers on Mother’s Day.

Yesterday, when everyone around the world celebrated Mother’s Day, social media was flooded with posts from celebrities thanking their mothers and the mothers of their children.

In contrast to previous years, some celebrities opted not to celebrate Mother’s Day or pay tribute to the ladies in their lives due to persistent issues and broken relationships.

Renowned film director and producer Philip Karanja and his wife Kate Actress made headlines a few weeks ago amid rumours that they had a secret falling out.

The mother-of-two removed pictures of Phil from her Instagram feed.

Kate and Philip rebuffed a radio host’s attempt to dive into the rumors about their purported breakup during an interview.

Kate Actress made it obvious that she was only interested in talking about their work endeavors and not their personal life, and Philip Karanja quickly halted the interview.

“I don’t understand, are you contacting me about work? If it’s about my family, that’s another matter,” Kate said before ending the call.

On her social media pages, Kate celebrated all mothers with a lovely message.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all mums, mums to be, late mums, rainbow mums. Polite reminder mum, you are doing amazing, you are doing the best you can. May you never lack,” Kate wrote.