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Kenya tourism ambassador Naomi Campbell shares her top tip for quitting smoking



Naomi Campbell has shared her top tip for quitting smoking – and staying off the cigarettes – as she ploughs on with a New Year health kick.

The 50-year-old supermodel binned her cigarette habit for 2021 and is still going strong over three weeks in to the New Year. According to statistics, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail within the first six weeks of the year, while researchers believe it takes 66 days for a new habit to become automatic.

Naomi sounds like she is determined not to return to her puffing ways and has explained how she is ensuring she keeps to her self-promise.

The Sun on Sunday reports the fashion icon stating: “I stopped on New Year’s Eve. Every afternoon I swim in the ocean for an hour or two and I just sit in the ocean. It helps clear my lungs because it takes 21 days to get the nicotine out of your system.”

Naomi is currently lapping up the sun and sea in Kenya – where average temperatures are a more pleasant late 27C on average. Naomi has struggled to quit smoking over the years – speaking about her stop-start habit in 2014, 2017, and again last year. The star has reportedly tried hypnotism and nicotine patches in the past to try and kick the habit.

While she has previously spoken out about the difficulties of keeping off the fags, saying: ”People told me that cigarettes are harder to quit than alcohol. I didn’t believe it, but you know what? It is harder. I’m not someone who wants to light up inside people’s homes, including my own, and I don’t want to stand outside on street corners anymore. It’s still a struggle. In fact, just talking about it makes me crave one, so let’s stop, please! But I am really trying.”

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