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Kenyan firm selling electric buses gets special recognition in global event



By Judith Gicobi

The electric bus startup BasiGo was named one of the top ten worldwide technologies that aims to transform the public transportation industry.

The Curious Future Insight Conference, held in Darmstadt, Germany, presented the 2022 Keeling Curve Prize (KCP) winners.

Innovations that reduce or do away with atmospheric gas emissions are honored with this prize. The business was praised for providing a cost-effective substitute for diesel.

“BasiGo is an early-stage e-mobility startup looking to revolutionize the public transportation sector by providing public transport bus owners with a cost-effective electric alternative to diesel. It is located in Nairobi, Kenya,” read part of the statement from the ceremony.

Nearly 400 submissions from all across the world were received for the Keeling Curve Prize, with BasiGo winning the transport and mobility category. The electric bus company will get Ksh2.95 million for the invention following the win.

The award is a component of a project run by the Global Warming Mitigation Project – which is tasked with finding and highlighting initiatives that increase carbon uptake.

“Greenhouse gas emissions are the driving force behind the climate emergency. This can and must be addressed, worldwide. Elevating and investing in proven projects and programs is a valuable way the GWMP is lighting up the landscape for a liveable future,’ she noted.

In November 2021, BasiGo joined the group and began operating in Nairobi with the goal of providing renewable energy alternatives for the public transportation industry.

Jit Bhattacharya, the company’s chief executive, announced during the launch of the services that the buses will have a capacity of 25 and 36 passengers and move at a speed of 250 kph.

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Customers who use the service pay a Ksh20 per kilometer subscription charge, which helps to pay for maintenance and power charging at a BasiGo depot.

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