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Kenyan Student Brian Kimutai Passes Away In Alberta, Canada



The appeal  below is to help the parents of Brian Kimutai to repatriated his body back to Kenya. The 25 years old man arrived in Canada on March this year and died about two week ago in his sleep.

FROM: Beatrice  Ngetich to all well-wishers. I am writing to you today to let you know about the loss of Brian Kimutai, my nephew who passed away 22nd of August. Brian is originally from Eldoret, Kenya, and was an international student in Canada. The cause of his death was an aspiration of gastric contents into the lungs’ larynx and lower respiratory tract.. We are devastated by Brian’s untimely death.

We are requesting for prayers as we struggle to find the funds to cover the cost of repatriating his body back to Kenya. The approximate cost to send the body back home is 30,000 CAD.
We kindly ask for your prayers and any help to assist us to meet this goal.

Kindly reach out to Beatrice Ngetich at  (302) 753-3893 and help where you can. You can also join the WhatsApp group in link below to join the effort of repatriating Brian’s body to Kenya.

 By Beatrice  Ngetich (302) 753-3893 

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