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VIDEO: Kenyan women up in arms after man videotaped greatly enjoying his time in a Nairobi hair salon



A video has emerged showing a Kenyan man enjoying time to the fullest at an undisclosed Nairobi location after a haircut, igniting a debate on why men are not charged more for the extended amount of time in the salon and why women are forced to cough out more even though they spend less time than men in the beauty parlors.

In the video (watch below), the man, whose name we withhold for security reasons, is seen enjoying what appears to be more than just a shoulder massage as the masseur takes her sweet time on him, meticulously working on his shoulders, chin and even…wait for it…chest and belly.

Kenyans on social media were quick to react, with most women seemingly envious especially because “the man did not pay much after that VIP treatment.”

“We need to talk. This man should not be alloowd to pay the kawaida Sh 700 or a thau. No way!,” Wrote Janegakuo on Instagram.

And the dude was just charged for a kawaida haircut after all that? Wondered Karendd on Twitter

Eddie kinjo wrote on Intagram: Na ukimuona hapo akilala na hata hajalipa half of what we pay for a kawaida haircut, even without the massage.

Magkawira wrote: “Hii VIP treatment mbona hupewa tu wanaume. Not fair!

Hii Kinyozi iko wapi? wrote Ghafla.

Wamboh Flo:  MashaaWetu fungua macho Sasa amemaliza😀😀

Joan Julius :  Kwangu ni mimi nanyoana.

Vincent Wathiga Murife has finally been totally immobilized he cant even think like the runner he is..mimi na watu wa church yetu hatuezi enda huko mbikos we myt turn vawulent🤣🤣

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For a while now, women in Kenya have been complaining that men are increasingly spending more time in the salon than men but thay are more often than not charged less.

But this seems to be a global phenomenon.

In October 2019, the internet collectively realized that men had no idea how expensive women’s haircuts were when a US female politician paid about $300 for a trip to the salon, a price many other women routinely are charged. Ironically, the said politician has short hair.

Unfortunately, it’s long been taken for granted that women’s haircuts are more expensive than men’s, and that’s just the way it is. After all, women’s hair is longer. Women color and curl and straighten their hair. They spend more time in the salon, and that time equals money.


In reality, lots of women have short hair, and lots of men have intricately cut styles or long hair. A woman heading in for a trim is different than a man heading in for a new style. And yet even with these and other reasons to price haircuts that aren’t dependent on gender, many salons price their haircuts in terms of men and women — and the women’s cuts always start higher.

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