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Kenyans in rural areas to enjoy electric cars in new plan



By Judith Gicobi

Kenyans in rural areas may soon be able to use electric cars thanks to plans revealed by several companies to expand across the country.

Micah Kenneth, Bolt’s Regional Manager, announced intentions to expand their green car electric services across 47 counties while speaking to the media on Tuesday, April 19.

Due to the restricted number of charging outlets in Nairobi, he stated that their electric car services were only available in Nairobi.

“The bolt green category was launched a year ago and we have done over one million rides and this is only available in Nairobi.  We are looking to scale this green scale mobility among the counties,” he noted.

Zino Motors Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Michael Spencer, on his part, noted that the plans will assist Kenyan motorists overcome obstacles such as the severe fuel shortages that have gripped the nation in recent weeks.

“On a kilometer basis, as you compare the fuel prices in Kenya, you will save about 80 per cent. The driver and the passengers at the back will also get a better experience,” he stated.

Conversely other stakeholders, called on the government to strengthen legislative frameworks and invest in the field, arguing that doing so would assist the government’s environmental goals.

“The benefit is that there will be cleaner emissions there will be no carbon emissions and we want more people to embrace electric vehicles. We believe that the future is electric,” Vaelle Leasing Company’s Managing Director, Bertha Mvati, added.

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