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Kenyans Oppose the Controversial ‘ICT Practitioners’ Bill



By Shadrack Nyakoe

Kenyans have abandoned the recent ‘ICT Practitioners’ bill passed by the 12th parliament that seeks to use technologies to collect, process, store or transfer information for a fee.

The bill also seeks to ensure all who practice information communication technology must have s degree.

People from various parts of the country have called upon the government to introduce measures of supporting local start-ups, boost funds accessibility by local inventors and establish mechanisms for selling local labor to the global arena.

Petitioning President Uhuru Kenyatta not accent the bill to law, Kenyans argued that possibly this effect will trickle down to other areas and millions of jobs may get jeopardized.

“ICT is an essential constituent for modern and future economies, let us not support or sit and wait for ill-intentioned agendas to propagate poverty through any form of retrogressive legislation. Did you know advanced nations such as the US, Israel, Brazil, South Africa, or EU countries have no such bills, rather they support informal industry players?” they asked while in a demonstration in Nairobi.

They added that sponsors of the bill have possibly hidden agenda, or are private practitioners, are ethically unconscious, don’t have patriotism and they could be on a fast vertical to destroy the future of our ICT ecosystem.

“The requirements proposed by the new ICT Bill will be a hurdle to many young people wishing to join the profession but do not meet the threshold set by the body. The bill also proposes to introduce an annual licensing fee for the ICT practitioners. This could kill the dreams of young people who want to join the profession but lack money to pay for the annual licenses,” added another.

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