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Kenyans Protest Against Launch of Nuclear Plant in Kilifi



By Shadrack Nyakoe

Kenyans have petitioned against NuPEA’s proposal of a Nuclear Power plant most particularly in Kilifi County but also anywhere in Kenya. They have cited the nuclear environmental hazardous and risks lives of residents.

They said Mida Creek is a beautiful biodiversity hotspot, home to mangrove forests, that spills into the Watamu Marine Park on the coast in Kilifi County, Kenya.

They insisted that pristine area receives free sunshine and strong coastal winds year round, therefore should not be considering installing an expensive, risky Nuclear Power Plant.

“Let us lean in to renewable energy sources, and act on our ability to keep Nuclear Power Plants out of Kenya. Let us learn from the mistakes of the past and say no to nuclear in Kilifi County, Kenya! Who wants to see the Mangrove forests destroyed to house nuclear energy plant?  Or furthermore to have to behold a massive concrete structure- that would steal the homes of villagers, migrating birds and impact the lungs of creek; the mangroves,” said the angered Kilifi residents.

In 2017, the Kenya Nuclear Electrification Board estimated that k1,000 MW nuclear plant could be operational by 2027 and cost Ksh500-600 billion to be located near a large body of water, such as the Indian Ocean, Lake Victoria or Lake Turkana.

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