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Kenyans shocked as MP Salasya reveals a Ksh.1M payslip with Ksh.563K mortgage



Member of Congress for Mumias East Peter Salasya is no stranger to controversy; in fact, from the moment he won the position last year, Kenyans were talking about the man’s antics.

He’s back in the limelight once more, and this time it’s because he posted his pay slip as an MP on social media.

The slip set a maximum gross salary for the Lawmaker at Kshs. 1,171,525. However, many Kenyans on Twitter were interested in the deductions section (KoT).

Many found it surprising, but not as much as one particular item, that Salasya only receives a net pay of Ksh.97,197.80 from that complete gross salary after the aforementioned deductions.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the contentious lawmaker’s massive Ksh. 563,000 mortgage payment, leaving many internet users perplexed as to why.

KoT, with their trademark dramatic flair, flooded the MP’s comment area with the following amusing remarks and inquiries:


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