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Larry Madowo admits he is ready to be ‘petty’ if you come at him



Announcing this dangerous stance on his Twitter, Larry Madowo said he is done going high when trolls, racists or haters go low. He will not.

Here are reactions to his declaration.

@ob__ke: Pettiness is necessary and key

@OkoechL: Omera, can u read the thoughts of the best performing governor in Kenya F

@Earlinex: Tell them. Enjoy your life. Any prejudices should be met in equal measure. They forget that even after wiping their anus with tissue paper it’s still smelly.

@VladamirRove: Stupidity sells better and more than sense. Problem is, when you fight stupid with stupid, no one will know the difference. If you also choose to keep quiet, the stupid followers believe the stupid against you. Wisdom is key.

@Eddiest_KE: Ask around, we got no shame.


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