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Larry Madowo: Forget toxic masculinity, makeup is not just for women



The idea that women only wear makeup has been disproven by media figure Larry Madowo.

The CNN International Correspondent even shared a photo of himself with minimal makeup prior to a live coverage to further support his argument.

Madowo is seen in the image applying cosmetics with a brush as he gets ready for the cameras.

“Getting ready to go live on CNN from Casablanca. Forget toxic masculinity, even men wear makeup on TV,” he tweeted.

While most guys can connect to Madowo’s feelings and even agree with them, makeup is not a foreign idea to male TV journalists

This is because even the tiniest amount of facial sweat looks disoriented when the camera is in focus. To make their faces appear clear on television, journalists frequently apply talcum powder and face powder.

Madowo has just been a CNN International Correspondent for a month. On announcing Madowo’s new position last month, CNN stated that the widely traveled journalist will serve as the new host of the venerable program African Voices Changemakers, which highlights exceptional people from all around the continent. He debuted on television on February 25, 2023.

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