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Larry Madowo reveals he used to spend 4100 on a haircut



BBC World News America correspondent Larry Madowo has left Kenyans wagging tongues after he revealed that he used to spend Ksh4100 on a hair cut every week.

The multitalented journalist revealed this showing off his bald shaved head, saying he learnt to shave on his own after Covid-19 hit, thanking the late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore for advising him to be doing so.

Larry Madowo

‘See that bald, shiny head? My barber went on vacation for 2 months (in this economy!?) so I learnt to cut my own hair. And saved $40 every week 😎’he tweeted.


‘I’ve finally learnt to shave myself almost 10 years after @bobcollymore (RIP) encouraged me to do it like he used to. He said I was wasting money. He would be proud. Turns out that many men cut their own hair and I’m just late to the party!’

His fans flooded the comment section with many amused that he used to spend over Sh16,000 in a month just on a haircut. Others revealed that they also do the shaving at home and don’t visit barbershops.

Below are the comments

Ian Liqwop Unanyoa na 4000?

Raymond Serem I have been shaving myself for the 6 years. I was taught by a rich tycoon in Westlands.

Kim Kamaa Larry….watu wa ocha wanajua unanyolewa na 4k..?😂😂😂😂

Lindah Mbaisi Wee Wacha !!! Kunyoa jordan hivyo umenyoa ni ksh 50 bob only. Na bado utapanguzwa na ka-towel ka white na maji warm, massage pia.

Jonathan Kanage Bald maintenance is my monthly salary. Maajabu

Democrat $40 just to have a bald head… having money is sweet

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Jeff General soon I will be following your footsteps….. hii story ya kushave twice per week sitaki, angalau naeza save £1 kila mwezi

Bahati Pascal Kudos Larry. I have been shaving myself for the past 4 years nasiringi and shave my boys too.. “Dad is the best barber in the house

Glory Boy I mean, but your barber just lost a customer…(in this economy Larry!)

Mabior Riegi I learned that when covid invaded Kenya last year and I have never looked back

Blackexellence5 Mungu anajua tu kwanini Kenya ni mimi na mimi nikenya. Yaani $40/week yaani +4100 KES per week. Is this the standard rate ama hii ni ya JoSiaya

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