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Letoo reveals polygamy was part of why his first marriage broke



By Wanja Waweru

Journalist Stephen Letoo of Citizen TV has revealed the reason for his breakup with Winnie Nadupoi.

The father of one said that his baby mama was against him taking other wives.

“She has her other own reasons.  It is one of the reasons we parted. She was against it,” he said.

Letoo and Winnie Nadupoi are parents to a child.

The couple divorced amicably and are currently co-parenting.

In 2019, when the pair had their first child, Letoo first referred to Winnie as his girlfriend.

Letoo claimed that despite its difficulties, co-parenting is something he is enjoying.

“There is a need for some mutual improvements, but so far so good,” he said.

Letoo has been very vocal about embracing polygamy.

Asked if it is true he has two wives, Letoo said that is an understatement.

“You will know the number of women I have on Valentine’s Day. I might parade them on that day so people can stop speculating,” he said.

Letoo also revealed plans to get married this year.



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