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Lifestyle blogger Sharon Mundia takes break, says she has completely lost it



By Judith Gicobi

Sharon Mundia, a lifestyle blogger, is pausing from documenting her life. She says she is in a bad place and has completely lost it.

Mundia, also known as This Is Ess, posted in her Instagram stories expressing that she was having panic attacks and anxiety like she had never experienced before, and that she was needed a sabbatical to get better.

She expressed her dissatisfaction with the direction her career was heading, even asking whether it was all worth it in the end.

Mundia goes on to say that her panic thoughts and worry have been giving her sleepless nights, making her struggle to eat, and causing her to lose interest in the things she used to enjoy.

As a result, she believes that a few weeks away will help her ponder and put things into perspective. “So maybe what I need is a few weeks to just sit with this and think through things. Because I’m not happy with where things are. I’m really not happy. I’ve struggled with sleep, food and just on many other fronts. I want to do right by myself,” she wrote.

She added, “I just don’t really feel clear on the direction my career is taking. Whether my work has any meaning or impact, just all these kinds of existential type of questions, what I’m doing with my life and I think for a while there I had decided to focus purely on my job.”

Mundia and her ex-husband, Lonina Leteipan, had a terrible breakup in 2017 following a lavish wedding. Aria Nailantei Leteipan is the couple’s daughter.

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Although there have been unconfirmed rumors, the couple has never revealed the reason for their divorce.

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