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Little-Known election day offences that attract Ksh1 Million fine



By Judith Gicobi 

Did you know that on Tuesday, August 9, if you vote while wearing branded clothing, a badge, or any other item that links you to a political party, you could be fined up to Ksh1 million or imprisoned for up to three years, or both.

This is in accordance with the Election Offences Act of 2016, which outlines prohibited behaviors for Kenyans on this important day.

The Act further states that faking to be illiterate in order to receive voting assistance will result in a Ksh1 million fine or a six-month prison sentence.

Additionally, pretending to be blind in order to receive assistance is also listed as an electoral offense that carries a Ksh1 million fine.

Voters who alter, tamper with, destroy, or make any other mark on the ballot paper are breaking the law.

The law forbids voters from revealing the names of the candidates they have voted for or are planning to vote for.

A further infraction that carries a large fine is photographing a ballot that has been marked in support of a political party.

Employers are also recommended to give their employees an ample amount of time to cast their votes, thereby forbidding them from deducting anything or punishing them for not showing up.

The Act also covers other offenses including bribing, intimidating, coercing, or pressuring voters to vote for a certain candidate.

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