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Living My American Dream at Indiana University of Pennsylvania- Lorna Muthengi



Lorna Muthengi’s journey to her master’s in America is truly inspiring, showcasing resilience, determination, and gratitude. Alongside her pursuit of an MSc in Supply Chain Management at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, her graduate assistantship at the Eberly College of Business has been a game-changer. Not only does it afford her the chance to study and work simultaneously, but it also covers her tuition and living expenses, easing the financial burden of pursuing higher education.

Lorna Muthengi at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Recognizing the pivotal role this opportunity plays in her career trajectory, Lorna is keenly aware of the practical experience and invaluable insights she’s gaining. These experiences will undoubtedly shape her future endeavors in the corporate world, setting her on a path toward success.

Moreover, Lorna embraces additional opportunities available at the university, such as academic trips. She, along with fellow Kenyan students, is excited about an upcoming trip to India. This journey promises not only educational enrichment but also cultural immersion and personal growth. Lorna’s enthusiasm for such experiences reflects her openness to new perspectives and her eagerness to learn beyond the classroom.

Lorna’s journey to America wasn’t without challenges; it took perseverance, including multiple school applications and years of effort before she could relocate. Her message is clear: perseverance pays off, and dreams of studying in America are achievable with dedication and persistence.

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April 2024

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