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Look at the unique decor during King Charles visit to Karura



On the second day of his state visit to Kenya, Britain’s King Charles visited Karura Forest in Nairobi to help highlight the crucial role of green spaces in cities.

Karura is an urban forest in the heart of Nairobi and Charles was joined by the famous Kenyan marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge. Together, they flagged off a 15k “Run for Nature” event.

A few minutes before Charles’ arrival, Kipchoge said, “It’s really important for the king to be here. … If you want to perform well, you need to run in a clean environment and breathe clean air. … This is our only home. We don’t have another home to conserve. We need to take care of it. The only way to take care of it is to involve ourselves as sportsmen and sportswomen.”

To honor the legacy of late Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, who ran a campaign to save Karura Forest, Charles – escorted by Maathai’s daughter, Wanjira, and local children who support environmental causes – took a walk to a tree planting site.

Maathai’s daughter, Wanjira

There, Charles planted an Elgon teak with environmental campaigner Karen Kimani, 10, a fifth-grader.

Wanjira also spoke of her admiration for the King’s and her late mother’s enduring friendship, writing; “It was the solidarity of so many that led to Karura. I admired their friendship & solidarity with my mother through thick & thin!”

Wangari Maathai famously fought the KANU authorities in a bid to protect Karua Forest from private developers and loggers, a fight which led to numerous publicised beatings and standoffs with the then-brutal regime.

Below are some of the photos from the event.

PHOTO/ Ciiru Waweru Waithaka Facebook

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We are not taxing till numbers – KRA



We are not taxing till numbers – KRA

The public is being cautioned by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) about a widely shared post on the internet that purports to show that the taxman is now looking into Till numbers.

KRA made it clear in an official statement on X that these allegations are wholly untrue and advised the public to be caution when it comes to possible fraud.

“Not true. Till numbers are NOT subject to taxation, and KRA does not collect any such taxes. Beware of fraudsters purporting to do any of the above.”

The revenue authority directed citizens to verify KRA staff by dialling *572# or through their official website

In September, the government proposed amending the Data Protection Act of 2019 to exclude KRA from its regulations, aiming to facilitate access to information.

The proposed change was to empower the tax agency to retrieve data from Kenyan citizens, including real-time details of financial transactions conducted through mobile money.


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VIDEO: Wetang’ula bans Kaunda suits in Parliament



Speaker Wetang’ula bans Kaunda suits in Parliament

Moses Wetang’ula, the Speaker of the National Assembly, has forbade MPs from donning Kaunda suits within the chamber.

In a Tuesday speech to the National Assembly, Speaker Wetang’ula declared that the suits—also referred to as Mao Zedong coats—were improper attire in accordance with House norms.

“I direct that all members must observe Rule 9 of the Speaker’s Rules on Dress Code, not only in the Chamber but also in committee, lounges and dining areas,” he said.

He also banned hats, caps and traditional attire.


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Kenya News

Tragic explosion in Mexico leaves Kenyan man in a coma



A Kenyan man residing in Mexico is currently fighting for his life following a devastating explosion.

The precise whereabouts and origin of the blast are presently undisclosed, along with any knowledge of additional casualties.

It has been reported that the man, identified as Francis Kamau Chege from Kiambu County, Kenya, is currently in an induced coma. Regrettably, he was left unattended at the medical facility for several days, as his relatives were unaware of the incident until they unexpectedly came across pleas for aid on social media.

Chege’s girlfriend, who initially shared the details on the internet, had sought assistance to notify his parents and other kin.

Chege’s family from Githunguri, Kiambu County has expressed their deep appreciation to the online community for spreading the important news.

They are relieved that his severe burn injuries have promptly been brought to their attention. Meanwhile, they have reached out to his girlfriend and the relevant authorities as efforts are being made to contact officials in Washington for urgent assistance.

Mexico does not have a Kenyan embassy and instead depends on the embassy located in the capital of the United States. The family is thankful for the swift dissemination of this vital information. Activist Simon Mwangi draws attention to a series of explosions that have taken place in Mexico recently.

These explosions have been triggered by gas-related incidents and natural disasters caused by volcanic activity.

“Thank you for speedy sharing, the father and brother have reached out. We have notified the contacts in Washington for a quick response. Be blessed good people,” activist Simon Mwangi wrote.

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