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“Lorna was an incredible life partner” Husband speaks days after losing wife to Covid 19



Lorna Irungu was finally laid to rest on Tuesday, 23 March after succumbing to Covid-19 as reported by her family. In the press statement released – Lorna Irungu was described as a loving mum to her only child; and a perfect wife to husband, Macharia.

Since her demise many media personalities continue to create awareness about Covid 19; especially now that many have become ignorant that the fact that Covid kills.

Away from that, we understand that Lorna Irungu has left behind a loving family that is yet to accept that their mum is now gone. To mourn his late wife, Mr Edwin Macharia went on to write;

My skies are missing their North Star. I am adrift 💔

Lorna’s husband, Edwin Macharia

With that simple statement it’s obvious to see through Mr Macharia’s pain – as he knows his wife is now gone for good.

Praises wife

However even though Lorna will not be present physically; the father of one continues to keep her memory alive as seen in a different tweet where he wrote;

Thank you @KiarieJohn for honoring her on the floor of the house. She was a phenomenal woman, an incredible life partner, and deeply committed citizen.

Lorna’s husband

Although we may not understand what kind of pain he is going through; we hope that Mr Macharia will find his peace of mind and heart soon.


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