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Lovy Longomba pays tribute to late brother Christian



Two years ago, Christian Longomba, one-half of the well-known Longomba pair that ruled Kenyan airwaves in the early 2000s, passed away.

Prophet Lovy, his brother, gave tribute on the occasion of the second anniversary of his passing.

Lovy wrote on his Instagram profile about how much he missed Chris and hoped to see him again someday.

“Thank you, Lord Jesus, for overcoming death on our behalf.Thank you, Lord, that there are no hospitals or graveyards in Heaven. I miss you, Chris; one day, we will see each other again.”

Christian was hospitalised for two weeks at the Downtown Los Angeles hospital before he breathed his last.

Lovy Longomba was by his bedside.

Lovy posted a tribute video where he detailed how Christian battled with his health.

“You know even to the last few years, and the last few days, Christian was laughing, he was energetic, he was dancing. Man, even in pain he still knew how to laugh, he would enjoy himself even to the last days.”

He added:

“Every morning I would go downstairs and check up on him and now I can’t do that any more…wow. It is crazy. he had alot of love around him, too much love.”

Lovy continued:

“I’m not crying because I don’t know where Christian is, I know where he is, God told me exactly when it was going to happen, we are not surprised by it, you know, living through it is a different thing.”

He explained what led to Christian’s death.

“The complications Christian had were not from the tumour but what the tumour had done. When he had his surgery 6 and half years ago that is when the damage of the tumour kinda set in.”

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Lovy noted:

“It wasn’t cancerous, it was malignant but it was very big by the time they took it out the damage it had caused to the brain was just crazy. The doctors actually expected him to live normal for 2 to 3 years but Christian outlived that by 7 years.

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