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Lulu Hassan reveals it was Kanze Dena’s idea to have Rashid Abdalla replace her at Citizen TV



By Judith Gicobi

Lulu Hassan, renowned TV news presenter, has spoken up about working with her husband and revealed that, contrary to popular belief, the two have always made equivalent amounts of money.

During an interview with SPM Buzz, the Swahili news caster revealed that her friend Kanze Dena gave her the idea to collaborate with Rashid.

“At the time, only the MD and I knew Kanze was going to State House and so we were trying to see who in the stations could be a great replacement and we looked around and we could not find anyone,” she explained.

Their concern, according to Lulu, was whether the next person will have the same chemistry as her friend Kanze.

“You know you can’t force chemistry on air, if it’s not their people will see. So we were on a retreat and broke the news to others about Kanze leaving and we started looking at who others think is the best replacement and then Kanze said, ‘how about we poach Rashid’, I was like what,” she further said.

According to the filmmaker, her husband was on board with the concept of the them working together, and the rest of the crew agreed because they already have chemistry as a married couple.

She further stated that Rashid is the severe parent at home, while she is the laid-back mother. She met Kanze when she was a shy person who didn’t go out much, she stated when questioned about their friendship.

“Right now, Kanze is the type of person who will walk into a room and you will feel her presence. She is talkative and vibrant, everyone notices her when she walks into any room,” she added.

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