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Mahiga Homes: The journey continues




Well, well, well wasn’t it one fine day. If you are not aware of what I might be referring to then you missed out a lot. This weekend Rock Gardens One home owners finally got the keys to their homes. They had been patiently waiting for this day ever since they bought the homes on off plan. Its been a journey that has now turned into a great milestone. They were so eager to move in that by the time the houses were being handed over, the estate had already been occupied by a good number of families.

The date was marked for the 25th September 2021 and when all was set, it was bound to be a day of nothing but success. The home owners were more than happy and Mahiga Homes fraternity was full of Joy for putting a smile on the faces of families. That being their ultimate mission and goal. The day was blessed indeed for His Grace Archbishop Arthur Kitonga together with other esteemed guests graced this exquisite day.

The Estate looked like everything they had imagined, at least that’s what showed from the numerous conversations they were having in groups, the prayers were full of blessings and sure enough everyone in attendance felt blessed to be there at that time. Some attendees who had not bought houses in the estate were inspired and were doing all enquiries to know more about other projects.

Speaking of Projects, we are also going to be handing over 2 more estates before the year comes to an end. These are Rock villa annex and Rock Villa 3 both located in Joska. Home owners better get your energy ready for these two celebrations.

If you haven’t had this experience of home ownership and you would love to, we have a project in Kabati with both 4-bedroom Maisonette’s all ensuite and 3-bedroom Bungalows master ensuite going for 8.95M and 4.85M respectively. The deposit for the Maisonette is 3.85M and for the Bungalow is 1.7M. We also have a flexible payment plan of 15 monthly installments for the balance. A new project is also coming soon to Joska and details will soon be available to you.

Truly we have seen and not heard that Mahiga Homes truly delivers. It’s not hearsay but reality. If you are out there and you are looking for a trusted company look no further for Mahiga Homes fulfilled living.


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