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Man dies after girlfriend allegedly throws him off a building in Nairobi



A 36-year-old woman is awaiting prosecution for murder after her partner died from his injuries at the Kenyatta National Hospital after being allegedly thrown from a storey-high building in Ruaraka, Nairobi (KNH).

On Friday, March 31, Celestine Adhiambo Oyeko, a mother of four, was scheduled to face an attempted murder accusation before the Makadara law courts.

She is charged with severely abusing Braiton Litoro and then hurling him from the apartment building where they shared space.

Nevertheless, after the police told the prosecutors that the victim had subsequently passed away, the office of the Director of Public Prosecution requested further time to revise the charges.

The death of Litoro in Baba Ndogo on March 15 will now be blamed on Ms. Oyeko.

She was to face a charge of unlawfully attempting to kill Litoro by severely abusing him, along with another person who was not present in court.

Police are pursuing the accomplice, who is also her new lover, who is still at large.

Ms. Oyeko will stay in police prison until April 5, when the Nairobi High Court will accuse her of murder.

Before she replaced the padlocks at the residence where they shared a home, Ms. Oyeko had made the decision to break off her relationship with Litoro and let him know.

She informed him that she was not interested in living with him and that he should stop paying the rent.

At about 11 o’clock at night, Ms. Oyeko had come home with her new partner and discovered Litoro in an empty house.

He was allegedly beaten and seriously hurt by the two new lovers before being knocked to the ground.

The charge sheet did not indicate from what floor. The mob was gathered around a man who was found unconscious on the road by Litoro’s father.

He approached curiously and saw that it was his son. He asked the public, and they responded.

He enquired and members of the public informed him that the man had been assaulted by his girlfriend and her lover.

He took Litoro to a nearby clinic where he was informed to take him to the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Umoja.

Litoro was treated at the hospital before he was transferred to KNH where he has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit where he died.


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