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Man shares photos of big hook he found in soup he ordered from restaurant



A Nigerian man has taken to social media to express gratitude to God as he narrated an unusual experience he had at a restaurant.

Nigerian Man Shares Photos of the Big Hook He Found in the Soup He Ordered in a Restaurant, Stirs Reactions
Man finds hook in the meal he was served at a restaurant. Photo: Chubby Chinanu Emeka Reuben.
Source: UGC

The man identified as Chubby Chinanu Ememka Reuben narrated on Facebook how he found a big hook in the meal he ordered at a local restaurant.

According to him, he had patronised the restaurant on Sunday, April 11, at the close of church service as he had no meal the previous day because he finished work late.

He had only gone halfway into the ”egusi” mixed with bitter leaf delicacy he had ordered when he made the shocking discovery.

Upon finding the hook in his meal, he said he called the attention of the restaurant owner who apologised.

Sharing photos of the hook, Emeka could not help but get lost in thought of what would have happened if he had swallowed the item.

His post read in part:

“When I arrived, I ordered for eguisi mixed with bitterleaf soup. I began to help myself with the delicacy before me. Alas! See what I found midway. A big hook. I was completely taken aback. I was filled with shock, resentment and disbelief. What if I had ingested it innocently? What if it got stuck in my throat? Many questions popped up in a rapid succession.Consequently, I quietly sought the attention of the lady that served me. In disappointment, I asked “madam, how could you guys be this negligent?”

“What a breach of duty of care! This is a new restaurant open to the general public. You ought to apply excellence in your service delivery and shun recklessness. I just didn’t want to draw the attention of other customers to the conversation that was going on. She apologised and explained that it was stuck in the stockfish they bought from their supplier. I just paid her and left.”

He went on to advise food vendors to apply extra care in the meals they prepare for their customers.

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Social media users took to his comment section to appreciate God for saving him from harm.

Godspower Ahkhimieoma said:

“Wow I really thank God for life the devil is a lier. But this is a sign dat u should marry so dat u will stop eating outside”

Patience Briggs reacted:

“God, am very grateful unto you, for the life of my baby boy. He will never eat or swallow any food that is cooked by the enemies in the name of Jesus, you will never stop half way in life in Jesus mighty name.”

Tanyia Marvelous commented:

“I wouldn’t even pay her any money. Thank God for your life my dear.”


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