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Man who asked Safaricom to educate daughter dies



The family has announced the passing of Maurice Adere, 28, also known online as Danny Miles.

Florence Odege, Maurice’s wife, confirmed over the phone to The Star newspaper that her husband passed away from cancer on Tuesday at 10:00 pm.

“He was rushed to St. Monicah hospital yesterday and he died at around 10:00pm,” she said.

In March 2022, he received a diagnosis of soft tissue sarcoma. He was having treatment at a nearby hospital and was reliant on donations from his internet pals.

When things worsened, Danny wrote on Safaricom’s Facebook page, pleading with the top telco to assist in funding his daughter’s education after his passing because he had spent all of his savings on medicine.

“I had been saving so that I take my small family on a vacation but I have been drained and can’t. I am living with the help of friends. My young daughter Britney Dova is still young. She has not started school yet. I was planning but I am sorry I have failed as a dad,” part of his post read.

Danny continued to say that he had his left arm chopped off, but cancer continued to spread to other parts of his body.

“I am appealing to you to just help my daughter once I am gone because I can feel it,” Danny added.

“Or maybe treat us to a once-in-a-lifetime ride, I will appreciate it.”

His post went viral, with netizens calling on Safaricom to come to the family’s rescue.

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