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Martin Kasavuli reveals he is a father of one



By Wanja Waweru

One month after his mother’s passing, Martin Kasavuli, the late media star Catherine Kasavuli’s son, has talked openly about his personal life.

Martin answered some of the most frequently asked questions about his life by his fans during an open Q&A session on his new Instagram profile.

He was first asked if he had children and if he was married.

Martin responded, “Most asked question again. Yeah, I have one child. That’s it. Blogs have been writing their own stuff though.”

Martin also said he works in South Africa, although he is planning on relocating to Kenya soon.

Another admirer wanted to know if he had true friends who supported him on his path through life, particularly after he lost his mother.

Martin claimed to have a circle of pals that numbers around 12 people and that he could call on at any time.

“They have been there for me since the first day we knew mum had cancer. Some of them have been here (in shags) with me for one month,” he stated.

Martin during the funeral of his mother Catherine Kasavuli. PHOTO| Dennis Onsongo

Being the only child, Martin revealed that it was fun, although he wished he had a sister.

“Being the only child is fun but yes, I have always wished I had a sister.”

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