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Marya- I found out I was adopted in form 3




Marya , the ‘chokoza’ hit-maker has revealed that she discovered she was adopted when she was in form 3.

In an interview, she said: I was raised by my uncle and auntie. They took me in and raised me.”

“I can’t say it affected me, although I had a tough childhood, I am here. 31 years later. My aunt and uncle did a good job raising me. My bros and sisters were great, in fact, they hid from me until when I was in form 3.  I was adopted when I was two years. I could tell that there was something off, I would ask questions but they would divert. They did it well.”

When she found out, she says:  “I told them that I knew it.”

Marya says ince her hiatus away from the spotlight, she has been doing business.

“I have a clothesline. I get my clothes from UK’s biggest brands. I work with a delivery company that delivers very quickly.”

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