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Maureen Waititu explains why it is difficult for her to lose weight



I’ll tell you for free that most women h**e adding weight; and the worst part is when other people notice and instead of keeping quiet they mention like it’s nothing.

Well- seems Maureen Waititu is currently having issues with her added weight which she blames on her busy schedule. Having had projects to handle, babies to look after and a man to carter to; Maureen Waititu says she hasn’t had time for herself for the past few months.

Maureen Waititu

Of course juggling all that means no time for the gym or even proper healthy meals; a situation that has made the YouTuber add more than enough weight and from her photos; it’s clear to see the changes and unfortunately some mean fans can’t let a sister embrace herself in peace.

Speaking during a recent interview with Nation, Maureen Waititu opened up revealing why she isn’t been proud of her body oflate saying;

Maureen Waititu’s weight gain

I haven’t been feeling too nice after adding a few kilos in the last few months due to long hours of work, not working out barely getting any sleep, and some body-shaming from mean people but I am trying my best to appreciate what i have been able to achieve every single day.

Working mum

Well, as y’all already know – Maureen Waititu is currently the sole provider for her boys following the nasty split she had with Frankie Just Gym it about a year and a half ago.

Being the h*****r she is, Mo says she can’t seem to find anytime for herself; which also explains why she has not been working out lately. Speaking to Nation, Maureen went on to add;

As i juggle so much from motherhood, provider, girlfriend and an overall human without dropping the ball. Onto another day, such is adulting but oh my! They never warned us about burnouts. I feel horribly fatigued.


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