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Mbusii explains why they stopped airing ‘Toboa Siri’ segment



By Wanja Waweru

For some reason, despite the success of Mbusii and cohost Lion’s Toboa Siri, they haven’t been featuring this portion in their reggae show. Well, according to a recent interview, we now know that the show was canceled after an expose they conducted without realizing the parties involved were influential.

Mbusii claims that the section was taken off the air as a result of a request from the government, which will evaluate the program before it is broadcast again.

He said: ” The National Government asked us to suspend the show. There was a ‘secret’ by a caller that put us in trouble. The show is being reviewed. We will just put them in the achieve as we wait for the government’s decision.”

According to Lion – he had even warned Mbusii about airing the expose on the alleged powerful person since he already knew it would either land them in trouble or even worse. Speaking on this Lion said:” I had warned you that this would land you in trouble or make the show get closed.”

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