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Me and Jacque Maribe are on a time out – Terryanne Chebet on broken friendship



Media personality Terryanne Chebet has spoken out for the first time about the breakup of the famous girls squad which included Kirigo Ngarua, Shix Kapienga, Terryanne Chebet and Monica Kiragu.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni, the mother of two said the girls squad is still there but the number has reduced.

‘Girls squad iko bado coz Jacque sometimes joins us although sio sana. it broke down alot of things. During that period a lot of things were said that were not true about the kind of support she received, about the friends that she had.

The truth is Langata womens tulikua, kortini tulikua. We were there and the wider circle that supported her knows that we were there for Jacque.’

Maribe and her gang of friends
Maribe and her gang of friends

Terryanne added that although there were things that were said and cannot be unsaid, she holds Jacque as her best friend.

‘We started drifting apart after the rumors that we were not there for her. We have sat her down asking her did you say this or that. We have sat many times trying to ask her about this. Friendships breakup happens and what we do is mnapeana time.

Jacque is my best-friend and she will always be but sahii mimi na yeye tumepeana time but I know at some point, our friendship will come back. I respect her but there were too many things going on.

Last year in an interview with ‘True Love’, Jacque said;

A lot of my ‘friends’,” Jacque said using air quotes, ” Did not want to associate with me, people who I really thought I was very close to. Some, I heard did public statements. I did not see them, disassociating themselves from me. These are people who we have been seen going on holiday with, you know, being told we are squad goals.”

She explained further,

“I will be very honest with you. I have like two female friends, to date, who stood by me from the beginning. The rest of my friends are guys, but now you come to learn who your true circle is. I don’t want to say I lost many friends because they were not friends, I just gained true ones.”

So far one of Jacque’s close pal is Citizen TV’s Chemutai Goin.

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