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Medical Professionals Call for Formation of a Service Commission to Manage Health Sector in Kenya



By Shadrack Nyakoe

Since the devolution of health services in 2013, medical personnel strikes have frequently disrupted health services in the public health sector in Kenya.

In 2017, health workers recorded about 250 strike days, disrupting health services across the country.

For Kenya to achieve quality healthcare as envisioned in the Constitution, there is need to redefine the scope of all healthcare workers.

“Kenya needs a Health Service Commission to coordinate issues affecting health workers that include access, capacity, needs, deployment, discipline, recruitment, equitable distribution and termination of health workers. Since 2014 after devolution of healthcare services the country has witnessed deterioration in quality of services offered in different counties due to disparity in health system management.

” said Stephen Musili, a medical professional in Nairobi.

He called for establishment of an independent constitutional body that should manage human resource for health so as to address health workers issues from a central point.

“Currently, if you go to some counties health workers have not been paid for three months and face other multiple challenges in their work! Devolution started in Kenya 2013 when 2010 constitution was enacted. After devolving healthcare services the country has in many occasions in different parts witnessed diseases outbreaks which take long before response is done hence causing great suffering to victims and constant shortage of drugs and necessities in health facilities across the country,” he further noted.

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