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Meet Alex and Alan, Kenyan identical twins working at the same US airline



By Judith Gicobi

Alex and Alan, identical twin brothers from Kenya, have won many hearts since joining Alaska Airlines in the US as pilots. The two are believed to be the first set of identical twin pilots at the airline.

The firm announced on Monday that Alan had been employed soon after completing his simulator training. Alan will be located in San Francisco, while his brother Alex will continue to fly out of Los Angeles.

The brothers state that their passion for flying began when they were just three years old. They were born and raised in Kenya before moving to California at the age of 13.

As a result, they spent a lot of their childhood accompanying their mother on business trips and going on frequent plane-spotting excursions with their dad after church to satisfy their passion of flying.

Alan told Alaska Air about a day when their mother supported their interest by purchasing them Microsoft Flight Simulator.

“After I started playing with the program, that was it. I knew I wanted to do that [fly] for a job,” said Alan.

Now that they haven’t flown together due to the difficulty of field operations, the two say that their ambition is to do so.

“We’ve never flown together professionally because we’ve always been on different aircraft,” said Alex, who is a first officer.”

“The goal is to have one of us upgrade to captain and be operating the same aircraft so we can fly together.”

They credit their mother for helping to cultivate their passion of aviation, so when they are finally allowed to fly together, she must be in the cabin. But she’s never taken a flight with one of her sons.

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“We have to get her on one of our flights,” added Alex.

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