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Meet Richard Ngatia, a Man “with Nairobi’s Vision”



  1. By Shadrack Nyakoe

Across Nairobi  County, you will notice posters of this man Richard Ngatia who says he has a vision to transform the Kenya’s Capital City back to its initial glory, “the Green City Under the Sun.”

Nairobi is currently experiencing an infux of political leaders from all walks of life aspiring for various positions.

one such person is the flamboyant businessman who is one of the most vocal politicians in the City,

Speaking in morning show at a National Radio Station today, Ngatia who is also the president of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KNCCI), promised to curtail corruption at City Hall which has been the order of the day for all Governors in the past but will ensure that accountability to staffs, impartiality in service delivery and equal opportunities availed to all.

He also promised to ensure investing in Nairobi will be uncomplicated and secured.

He further pledged to reduce taxation which has been heavily imposed to Citizens.

“We must have a conversation with the Kenya Revenue Authority to see how we can support these small and micro enterprises startups through waivers for at least 7 years before you start speaking to them about taxes,” Ngatia said.

Other reforms he is proposing include capacity building SMEs on financial literacy.

“Home-grown businesses should be encouraged to keep going and where possible, they too should be offered tax incentives that will keep them profitable while also giving them headroom for expansion,” he stated.

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