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MHSTARS Association Inc Official Launch Takeaways



By Willie Kibiru ( Mental Health Start Talking And Remove Stigma. ) was officially launched in

1. Listen listen listen. Listening to our children without rushing to tell them about our
childhood experience allows us to enter their world and then, we can offer objective
2. Our children desire our presence more than our presents. It’s great to secure their future
through smart investments and hard work but if we are trading time with them to acquire
assets, then those assets seem to be our priority and our children become secondary.
Then they resent what we’ve worked so hard to acquire and it translates to; “our children
are brats, they don’t appreciate our hard work.”
3. Being unable to express yourself at home is a form of violence. This one hit differently.
When a child is not comfortable to authentically express their true self in a safe setting at
home without judgment is tantamount to violence. A child should be able to express the
most outrageous thought at home then they are offered the right guidance. If there is a
prerequisite to being a member of a family then the children will tend to gravitate towards
a belonging with a lower entry threshold like a gang and the end result won’t be what the
parents desire.
4. Seek help; No one is an island and we all can use some help. Our struggle could also be
a piece of someone else’s puzzle. No expert has all the answers but all the answers lie
in community. Together we can rise.
5. Trauma can be passed on to an unborn child. The home environment is very important
for the wellbeing of all. Be intentional in creating a healthy environment at home. Don’t
look healthy, be healthy. Don’t look happy, be happy.
6. The teen who is abusing drugs grows to be an adult abusing drugs to a senior abusing
drugs. The drugs conversation is a whole family affair.
7. Sometimes we try to fix our childhood traumas in our kids. Right solution on the wrong
bodies. It’s ok to seek therapy and it’s covered in most insurances. When we get our
annual physical it’s important to check the mental health too. Psychiatrists and
psychologists are not a preserve of the “Wazimus”
8. Our children love us and disagreeing is not always a form of disrespect but they just
happen to have a different opinion.
9. Have an open mind. Be willing to learn and unlearn. If we don’t learn the kind of
environment in which our kids spend their time while away from us, our advice though
well intended might come from a place of ignorance. Immersing ourselves into their lives
gives us a new experience too. ( having the blessing of a child is an adults fresh
opportunity to journey through childhood again. )
10. Learn how to identify depression in others. There are tools online to check your
depression level but it doesn’t substitute a professional. DIAL 988 suicide line incase you
have such a case.
11. Working out and socializing reduces stress levels. Talk even to a stranger if you feel like
life is unbearable.
12. From childhood, adolescent, Young and Career adults, middle age adults, and seniors.
Mental wellbeing should be a lifelong goal.
13. When you or a family member go for an annual check up, honestly answer the 5 simple
questions about depression. Be truthful so that your Doctor knows how you can be
connected to mental or behavioral health services.

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