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Milestone as Shiloh Afrique Foundation graduates 120 Caregivers at Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi [PHOTOS]



Shiloh Afrique Foundation(SAF) shone to limelight after graduating 120 Caregivers/Patient Attendants at Bomas of Kenya on November 12th 2022.

A brainchild of Shiloh Afrique Medical Training Center in Marietta, Georgia, Shiloh Afrique was registered in Atlanta ,Georgia in September 2007.  SAMTC opened it’s doors to train caregivers for the American market on September 9th 2004.

Thanks to late Kathy Shoemaker RN-CNP who was the director of training at the Nurse registry of Georgia then. ( may she RIP). It was a good coincidence because my mother who was my role model died on such a day in 1996.

We have trained hundreds of caregivers who came from all states in America. My students loved me and nicknamed me Madam President a name which eventually became my brand.
1.Pics of Shiloh Afrique medical Training Center
During a visit in motherland Kenya in 2015, I volunteered to teach CPR/FIRST AID/AED at St. John Ambulance Nairobi. I realised that there was dare need of giving people skills on how to save lives. After my return to the US, I approached my great partners at West Cobb funeral Home in Marietta. I asked them to by me a set of CPR Manikins which they gladly obliged. Thanks to David Roach the funeral director.
2.( Pic of me and David. Also pics of me training at St. John)

My heavy presence on social media especially during the covid pandemic brought me attention to the luck of trained caregivers in motherland Kenya. As a patriotic Kenyan I am, widowed and four adult children, I decided to give back some knowledge and experience to my country Kenya. I took the first step by recruiting a hundred students who trained virtually through Google meetings. Qas hard but doable. The course took 6 months and I was ready to come for their practical and then graduation.
September 2022 I arrived in Kenya and started hunting for a venue. My directors in Kenya made enquires to many facilities but we settled on Bomas of Kenya.(thanks manager Faith Wakoli).

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The CPR/FA/AED training was very successful. Due to the number of participants, I engaged Dr. Joseph Wanjohi a cyropractor(sp) a CPR trainer and nutritionist. He also brought along Madam Pauline Wambui who trains for Kenya Red cross. I knew I was covered.
3. Pics and videos of Bomas Training session and graduation.

Later in the afternoon we had a meet and greet session. Both parents and potential students were present. I am very passionate with education so I shared the various pathways available to migrate to US and Canada as F1 students. Of course Kenya Airlift Program took the day. I shared colleges we work with for bachelors degrees and how to get academic and sport scholarships. I have never seen such interest. Potential students and parents were all ears and taking notes. They did not want the session to end. With alot of pain I shared the dark part of America which nobody talks about. Yes. We have many homeless Kenyans in the United states!
The final reviews and survey have humbled me beyond measure!

For my retirement next year, my desire is to work on my legacy. We shall have biannual classes for caregivers. We shall also train CPR/FA/AED for corporate Kenya, workplace, public transport, medical & paramedics, sports groups and home. Every person should know how to save a life in case of a heart attack, Cardiac arrest, stroke and standard first aid.

Dr.Myles Munroe: .. I want everyone to die empty ….

I can be reached on:

Christine Muchene
Shiloh Afrique Foundation


A Kenyan outfit that trains paramedics in area of Care Management popularly known as C.N.A (Certified Nurse Aide)

Shiloh Afrique Medical Training Center was born in Sept. 2004. We have trained close to 700 students in Care Management to students from Africa, the Caribbean and America. In August 2006 we saw the birth of Shiloh Afrique Foundation a 501(c) (3) under the Congressional District Programs. Our vision is to train Caregivers for the American and Canadian markets. We recently got an offer to train for the Canadian Market and plans are under way to start a Caregiver School in Kenya. Our agent in Canada will organize for placement after training. Imagine how many young Kenyans will benefit from this!

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Shiloh Afrique is a household name in America. We do counseling to new immigrants on settling in this country. We organize job fairs, acquire used furniture for new arrivals from Africa through Atlanta Furniture Bank, acquire donations for distribution from United Way of Atlanta – Gifts In Kind, dissemination of vital community information through emails and posting such information on the popular Kenyan websites, organizing youth seminars for career counseling, house match for students who need affordable accommodation, working closely with med share for future shipment of much needed medical equipment to Kenya, and finally upholding our culture of “People Helping Others” through the National Heritage Foundation of America.
My vision as a “Charitable Entrepreneur” is to focus on the aspects of training for subsequent upward mobility of immigrants from Africa hence making the Diaspora a better place based on skills, resources and your humble support. We are also looking for Foundation Development Advisors (FDA) who think we have a great idea and they would be willing to raise funds for SAF.
At Shiloh Afrique, we really think it is more blessed to give. In fact, we feel that To Give is to Live. Giving makes people come alive. So, let’s go to work and encourage individuals and corporations to be more generous towards this cause.
Give a man a fish and you shall have fed him for a meal. Bless a man with a fishing net , skills and you shall have fed him and his clan for a lifetime.

SAVE DATE: 3rd Aprl, 2010 – Details later.
Official launching and fundraiser – RSVP:
Shiloh Afrique Foundation – Service to mankind , happiness to the lonely, Cheer to the sad, and Hope to the hopeless.

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Our vision is to train paramedics in this area of Care Management popularly known as C.N.A (Certified Nurse Aide) FREE of charge by the year 2012. With the retirement of the baby boomers around the corner, we need to get ready for them in terms of home health care assistance. Researchers say that by the year 2020 there will a great shortage of nurses in America due to the above.

Shiloh Afrique Foundation has been involved but not limited to the following areas:

  1. Offering free information and counseling on American Systems and immigration issues.
  2. Organizing Job Fairs and assisting Shiloh Afrique students in job placement.
  3. Connecting people in need of furniture to start a home with Atlanta Furniture Bank.
  4. Acquiring various donations to assist the community from United way i.e. computers, electronics and clothing.
  5. Dissemination of vital community information (good and bad) through emails and text messages.
  6. Upholding our culture of people helping others through the National Heritage Foundation.
  7. Organizing Youth Empowerment Seminars
  8. House matches with people who would like to assist students with accommodation
We intend to accomplish the following in the near future.
  1. Mobilize Kenyans to assist in shipping of much needed Medical Equipments to Kenya, courtesy of Medishare International of Atlanta.
  2. Establish an Education Fund for bright students..
  3. Open a C.N.A school in Kenya to teach them more on Home Care Assistance especially those with loved ones are infected with HIV/Aids.
Finally, if you would like to be a part of what we are doing, please email me through Volunteers in all areas are needed and especially grant hunting and research.
Remember your dollars donated to Shiloh Afrique Foundation are Tax Deductable.
God Bless you.
Tel no: 6788878256

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