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Millenial couple making a case for marriage



In 2013, Nessy Nyagudi joined Strathmore University. She would meet her future husband Alvin Lee who was at the same university.

They didn’t talk much as they barely saw each other even though both were pursuing a bachelors degree in Commerce, but in different classes. Nessy then transferred to Mcensal School of Fashion and Design, Nairobi as she wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

They would reconnect in 2016 and started dating soon after. “We reunited through Instagram. I slid into his Direct Message (DM) and started chatting him. Then just before I travelled to Juba for my friend’s wedding, I asked him out for coffee (which I paid for by the way) and that was the beginning of something beautiful. I knew that we would end up together on that very same day we met. I had dreamt about him the previous year. I actually told him ‘you are my husband, I know it. You can date whoever you want for however long you want, but we will eventually end up together.’ He was so shocked,” Nessy says laughing.

Growing together

Nessy talks of how they would grow together with Alvin proposing in 2018, and their wedding taking place in 2019. She talks of how Covid-19 made them spend even more time together, which has made them learn more about each other and grow closer as they worked on surmounting challenges together.

“Our marriage has been one serious ‘bootcamp.’

We have learnt how to save better, how to pray more and how to prioritise in a short span of time,” she says. She talks of Alvin’s fitness career with fondness, detailing, how he used to model and do personal training while in campus. He would decide to stop modelling and solely focus on one-on-one training with clients in 2017.

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Alvin mostly focuses on Calisthenics (body-weight workouts), body building, powerlifting and nutrition. He does this to be a full and well-rounded coach. For Alvin, going back to fitness was like going back to his calling. Alvin has always loved fitness. He swam, played football and rugby in university and secondary school.

He has been powerlifting for over five years now, which had opened up an opportunity for him to participate in winter sports such as bobsledding last year, but Covid-19 hit the world, leading to cancellations.

Despite having wanted to be a neurosurgeon while growing up after reading Ben Carson’s book, Gifted Hands, Alvin is happy with the path he has taken. He sees it as a chance of purposefully impacting his clients’ lives and helping them live their healthiest and best lives possible.

While he is athletic and happiest when he is working out, Nessy does not like to sweat. She, however, played a bit of basketball and tennis while in secondary school and loves swimmimg. But being with Alvin has also influenced her to be fitter and to enjoy working out just a bit more.

“I have an in-house personal coach. I have little choice in the matter,” she laughingly says.

“I work out more now and genuinely enjoy it,” she adds. In 2018, Alvin together with a friend started ‘Fitness Wars’, with the aim of holding friendly weight lifting competitions where participants and anyone who came to watch would be entertained while all proceeds raised would go towards charity.

Before Covid-19 hit, ‘Fitness Wars’ had seen several successful editions, with many corporates as well as weight lifters coming in to compete and contribute for a great cause. Nessy and Alvin both believe in purposeful living and seek to make an impact on society with the skills they have.

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Lessons learned

The couple shares about their marital journey on their YouTube channel, Lee World with the aim of educating, informing, inspiring while still entertaining their audiences. They say that their goal is to showcase and represent Christ in their relationship and prove that marriage works.

They also hope to show that marriage does not have to be stuffy and boring. It can also be fun with the right person. While most channels focus on showing just how perfect the right person is, Alvin and Nessy aim to show both the imperfections and perfections as even the right person is human and, therefore imperfect.

But what is the most important lesson that they have learnt as a couple? They say that they have learnt the importance of clear and effective communication. How to always speak softly and respectfully to each other even in the heat of anger.

Most importantly, they have learnt that love settles. And it is after it settles that the couple has to keep constantly choosing each other.


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