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Mithika Linturi: I am worth Kshs.1.2 billion



By Wanja Waweru

Mithika Linturi, the Agriculture Cabinet Secretary nominee has put his net worth at Sh1.2 billion.

While appearing before the National Assembly Appointment Committee, the former Meru Senator said that the wealth includes investment and shares and immovable assets like properties and motor vehicles.

He said: “My current income, the money that I get out of rental income, out of business that I do, the amount of money that I am expecting to get in the near future is beyond 1 billion.”

“I get money from rental income and business that I do as a dairy farmer as I keep cows and goats and farm sukuma wiki.”

The CS nominee also said he is anticipating income from court awards and compensation from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission for wrongful prosecution.

He said: “The money I am anticipating in the near future is beyond Sh 1 Billion.I have court awards and one that I am trying to deal with is EACC is wrongful prosecution.I am also following up on government for failure to pay for work done.”

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