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Most Lucrative Career Paths Abroad



America is always referred to as the land of opportunities. Many Kenyans are always trying different avenues to get themselves there and take up these opportunities to better their lives. This could be in education, talent development, entrepreneurship or work.

Hon DMK Kiogora cofounder of The Kenya Airlift Program speaks on the lucrative career paths at the disposal of Kenyan students looking for greener pastures abroad through the program.

“People in the diaspora are contributing more money in this country than any other sector. In the year 2021 Expatriates sent close to 500 billion back to this country”. He said

“You can never go wrong by studying, living and working abroad” DMK added

DMK further expounds that many American companies are desperate for labor and having the right skills in fields such as IT and nursing will have their lives transformed owing to the fact that

Hon DMK Kiogora, Cofounder, The KENYA Airlift Program

these jobs pay amazingly well.

This video Provides further insight on the same.

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