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MP Naisula Lesuuda wants interns in Gov’t agencies paid salaries, allowed leave days



By Wanja Waweru

Naisula Lesuuda, a member of parliament for Samburu West, is currently pushing for monthly stipends and insurance coverage for personal accidents to be provided to interns working for government agencies and institutions.

Lesuuda asserts that interns contribute to the organization’s workforce by contributing their professional talents as apprentices through the Public Service Internship Bill, 2022.

Lesuuda’s bill, which is scheduled for first reading, aims to oversee internship programs for recent college and university graduates working for the government.

“An intern engaged in the public service shall be eligible for payment of such monthly stipend as the Cabinet Secretary shall prescribe in regulations,” the Bill reads.

“The personal accident insurance cover shall be valid for the duration of the internship period,” the proposed law adds.

Lesuuda wants interns working for the government to have access to sick time, maternity leave, and paternity leave during their attachment in addition to stipends.

The Samburu West MP is promoting the payment of interns’ subsistence allowance as established from time to time by the Labour CS in her bill.

According to the Bill, an internship cannot be longer than 12 months, and the lot is not qualified for a pension or gratuity.

Additionally, the proposed law states that a 24-hour absence without authorization or good explanation may result in the termination of an internship.

Additionally, internships will be terminated for engaging in disorderly behavior, delivering subpar work, and failing to comply with any

Additionally, internships may be terminated for engaging in egregious or disorderly behavior, delivering subpar work, refusing to follow legal directives, or committing a crime.

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Additionally, it provides interns with the option to end their employment with the mentioned organization by giving the manager a 30-day written notice.

The proposed law will apply to recent graduates seeking professional registration, technical and internship graduates, and unemployed graduates who need practical experience to increase their chances of employment.

Under the new regulations, leaders of public institutions must post job openings on their website and in at least two newspapers with national distribution.

“The advertisement shall contain all relevant information pertaining to the areas of specialisation required, total number of interns required, and duration of the internship,” reads the bill.

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