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Mr Seed speaks about battling depression after tragic road accident



In a post about his rehabilitation from his unfortunate accident, Kenyan gospel performer Mr. Seed admitted that he was depressed.

The musician said in an Instagram post that he has been bedridden for about a month and that his full helplessness has caused him to become depressed.

“25 days on this bed not been able to walk or clean myself after the accident. This is depressing,” read Mr Seed’s post.

A month ago, Mr. Seed was traveling to Nanyuki when he was in a horrific car accident. According to his wife Nimo Gachuiri, the musician did, however, lose several of his friends in the incident.

Nimo stated at the time that even after experiencing everything personally, she still couldn’t believe Mr. Seed was still alive. As some of her close friends died in the tragedy, Nimo continued to share the story via her Instagram stories, expressing her uncertainty over whether to feel joyful or not.

“I don’t know whether to be happy that some friends survived because I can’t stop crying. Others lost their lives too. Everything is blurry… I just remember running and seeing them on the ground and begging him to wake up ,” Nimo said.

She admitted that she couldn’t remember every detail, but she did recall rushing to the accident scene where there were bodies and pleading with Mr. Seed to awaken.

Nimo went on to say that sympathetic individuals came to their rescue and assisted them in transporting Mr. Seed to the hospital.

“The car they were in got into a bad accident. We were slightly behind them when we saw a crowd surrounding the scene,” Nimo wrote, adding that her husband suffered a fractured pelvis.

Even though Nimo admitted a while back that her marriage had been strained, the star couple is one of the most admired in the entertainment industry.

Nimo also disclosed that she had ended a relationship with the musician because she grew tired of him. She released a video from a few years ago that served as a throwback to the moment she decided to quit her job.

“I had dumped him nikajirudisha because huko nje was bad. I called him and told him I wanted to see him I had missed him. He agreed to meet me. He didn’t even ask me a question! He just said he loved me and gave me the keys to his new house and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me,” Nimo recounted.

The two then made up and are married with a son, but Nimo has admitted their marriage isn’t perfect, as many of their fans think.


This year has been heavy! Jackie Matubia addresses breakup with fiancé Lung’aho



It’s been a challenging year! Jackie Matubia discusses her separation from her fiancé Lung’aho

Jackie Matubia has finally responded to the persistent rumors about her love life with Blessing Lung’aho, the father of her second child.

Fans were left wanting more information after the  mother of two revealed hints on her YouTube channel about what happened in 2023.

Jackie’s love life has been the talk of the town in recent weeks.

Addressing the speculation, she candidly explained, “This year has been a down year. And it’s a year that I have, or let me just say, it’s a month of self-love. I love so much for my family, and my friends, but I have nothing to pour out for myself. People take advantage of that.

“It’s hard being Jackie Matubia, it’s hard going through some things. I may be going through the same things that you are going through, but now I am going through it in the public eye.

I am in the court of public opinion. It is not easy for celebrities. We may look strong, but guys, it is not easy being us. When it’s the best time, I’ll announce what you all want to hear,” she shared.

Regarding the pressing inquiries regarding her love life, Jackie reassured her admirers that she will give them the answers they need when they need them.

“The same way I introduced him, I will let you know what is going to happen or how it is. You deserve all those answers because I put him in the spotlight. I will do a whole video to bring you up to date.”

Jackie and Blessing have one daughter together.

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How Hon. Jane Waruguru exquisite baby shower went down



Jane Warunguru, a well-known singer and businesswoman who has transitioned into politics, announced her pregnancy after being surprised by friends and family with a magnificent baby shower with a white and gold theme.

The Nairobi County Assembly member posted on her Instagram feed to share the wonderful news with her 58.2k+ followers and to highlight some of the day’s most significant moments.

Jane began by posting a photo of the day her all-white female pals shocked her.

She was spotted in a maroon dress fighting back tears as her team joyfully applauded them for successfully keeping the surprise a secret from her. Jane thanks her staff while wiping away her tears.

Captioning the photo she wrote, “After they caught me a good one,” accompanying it with smiling emojis and a love heart.

Following that, the former artist posted a number of images from the gorgeous event to her Instagram feed.

She was pictured changing into a stunning long, body-hugging dress that was beige with black embellishments and wearing a white sash with the words “Mum to be” engraved in gold.

Standing next to the day’s decorations, which were white and gold with nude overtones, she looked stunning.

The balloon was then popped by Waruguru, who is also the golf captain. The gender of the adorable baby the famous politician was carrying was revealed when the floating rubber burst, releasing pink paint and ribbons.

When the balloon was popped, the politician and her baby daddy looked ecstatic and  smiled and cheered on with their faces covered with pink pieces.

“It’s a whole grand adventure,” the soon-to-be mom captioned the series of photos that she chose to share on her Instagram page.

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Netizens react after Mustapha comes begging for more



Colonel Mustapha, a veteran artist, has come under fire and criticism from online users, who have dubbed him the new Omosh.

This comes after the musician requested further funding from Kenyans in an interview, stating that they need between Sh1.5 and Sh2 million to cover all of their expenses.

Fans couldn’t help but express their anger with how entitled and proud Mustapha came across in a recent interview he gave to The Gold Mine Show online.

“Tumebakisha let us say tukipata like ka sh1 million ingine or like sh2 million to be exact wacha niseme sh1.5 million I think. Tukipata hiyo sh1.5 million kila kitu itakuwa sawa,” Mustapha candidly told the host.

Dennis, the talk show host a little taken aback by this proceeded to ask Mustapha if he is sure that is the only money he needed, and if he got that everything would be okay.

“Bill ya mathe itakuwa imeshughulikiwa? So target yako sahii ni sh1.5 million? So ukipata hiyo one and a half mama ata pata ya kutibiwa bila any worries?” Dennis asked.

Mustapha answered that he wouldn’t have to worry about his mother once he had the Sh1.5 million. Then, he continued, he would like to be offered a job or have someone fund his return to the entertainment industry, at which point he would be on his feet.

“After that so ni mziki, kama ni mziki mtanisimamia au ni kazi mtanipatia kutoka hapo nitaweza kupambana na mama mpaka mwisho,”Mustapha replied.

Furious Kenyans requested to see the hospital receipts and the allegedly ill mother to see that Mustapha was speaking the truth and that this wasn’t just another victimization tale. They also wanted to know if he had used the donations for the intended purpose.

nesh_z: So mnataka kusema aliwa anatafuta 2.5M kwa mjengo?… Anyway

penina__nyoike:😂😂enyewe binadamu hatosheki 😂😂😂amerudi ki omosh😂😂

_akomo_: Huyu watu huamka kumtafutia pesa 😂😂tf

iannoh.__: waaah anaitisha 1 million nikama anitisha soo😂…

mueni_muli_daily: Hii inanisoundia kama ile ya omosh….. camera, tripod na tulights tuwili alafu mniachilie😂😂😂😂

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