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Mungai Eve, Director Trevor respond to fans pushing them to have children



By Judith Gicobi

Mungai Eve, Kenyan YouTuber, and her partner, Director Trevor, have responded to some of their online followers who have been pestering them to start a family.

The couple responded by requesting internet users to stop bugging them about when they will have children.

Every couple has their own understanding and is free to have children whenever they want, according to Mungai.

“You all should stop telling us to get children like so and so. Everyone has their own plans in life and again being a woman doesn’t mean your purpose only is to get children! Everyone has their own pace,” she said.

Mungai continued saying that, most of the time, having children without planning for them could lead to a horrible experience.

“If you are not ready to get children, getting pregnant can be your worst nightmare. Because having a baby will change you forever! Similarly it may be scary to get a glimpse of the supreme power if you are not yet ready for it, because it will change you forever. You will lose yourself and a new you will emerge,” she added.

According to Mungai, having a child is not as simple as many people believe, thus online users should stop pressuring people to do things they are not ready for.

Trevor opines that, being a parent is a decision that a couple should carefully consider.

In May, the couple dismissed rumors that they were expecting their first child.

Mungai says that her boyfriend is less interested in getting pregnant than she is, and they are both prioritizing their careers first.

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