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Murder or suicide? Police investigate death of Geoffrey Mwathi at DJ Fatxo’s residence



Police are looking into the mysterious death of 23-year-old interior designer Geoffrey Mwathi, who is believed to have fallen from the 10th story of Redwood Apartments on USIU Road at the home of well-known “mugithi” artist DJ Fatxo.

DJ Fatxo, real name Lawrence Njuguna, reportedly hired Mwathi to update the interior design of a store and an office.

Mwathi allegedly left his house on February 21 to meet with the DJ and go over the details of the work.

Mwathi’s mother, who presently lives in Qatar, has made public WhatsApp messages in which she asserts that an overjoyed Mwathi begged her for KES 200 because he lacked the funds to pay for the meeting’s travel expenses.

Mwathi, DJ Fatxo, and three unidentified ladies are spotted on the street at three in the morning

On camera, Mwathi, DJ Fatxo, and three unidentified ladies can be seen entering the DJ’s home at around three in the morning.

The group is said to have stopped at four different entertainment locations before getting to Fatxo’s home.

After some time, Fatxo was seen leaving his apartment with the women, leaving Mwathi alone with the other two guys.

Seven minutes after Mwathi’s fall from the apartment, security footage shows two men surveying the area in the parking lot.

According to statements made to the police by Fatxo and the two men who were at the late Mwathi’s house at the time of the incident, the deceased jumped to his death.

The suicide theory advanced by the DJ and the two men who were in the apartment at the time of the incident was rejected by Mwathi’s family, who said that he had never considered taking his own life.

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Due to the 72-hour wait in the autopsy, pathologists were unable to ascertain whether Mwathi had been sexually assaulted.

The case is still under investigation by the police.

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