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Muthee Kiengei explains his beef with musician Dennis Mutara



By Wanja Waweru

Ben alias Muthee Kiengei, a radio comedian and pastor, explains why some Kikuyu artists chose not to attend Dennis Mutara’s father’s funeral last week

A few days after Dennis Mutara’s father was buried, Kikuyu performers came under fire for being hypocrites and failing to honor him.

Pastor Muthee Kiengei and Karangu Muraya were among those interrogated; they were even charged with instigating other gospel singers not to attend the funeral.

During his sermon on Sunday, Kiengei told his congregation that he would only help those who helped others.

Mutara allegedly failed to work with other musicians when it was required, according to Kiengei.

“Facebook, I have been insulted because of someone who does not co-operate with others yet you want us to support him. Even in this church, I will never blame people who do not support a person who does not also support others,”he said.

Kiengei went on to say that he would never stop using any social media platform because of his critics.

I will never leave Facebook since that is where I make my money from. My haters will be quitting but I will never quit because of trolls. I am strong there, they have called me all names, a fake pastor, but it is okay. They say I am a comedian, and that is still okay but I will not leave social media.”

Karangu Wa Muraya, who was by Mutara’s side, said that although they respected Mutara as their senior, they shouldn’t be held responsible for missing the funeral.

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“It is bad to troll us yet we have been helping him even when he lost his dad. I posted about that and even shared his wife’s number so people can contribute,” Karanu said.

He added;

“Whether we attended the burial or not, let us not be trolled when we attempt to help someone else since we did not attend his father’s burial. We have done our part and leave the rest.”

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