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Muthee Kiengei speaks after ex-wife Keziah Kariuki introduced new lover



By Kevin Koech 

Radio presenter Muthee Kiengei has spoken barely a day after his ex-wife Kezziah Wa Kariuki flaunted her new lover.

In a statement, the radio prese get questioned the amount of backlash thrown his way following Kezziah’s latest move.

He wondered why he is the only victim yet Kezziah’s new man divorced two years ago.

“A good day it has been, we thank God for keeping us alive. I welcome all criticism and the cyber bullying towards me concerning my former marriage

“My only question is one, I divorced Keziah five years ago and I happily moved on, her new love divorced two years ago and they are now happily moving on. Why am I the only victim?” He wrote.

The post sparked mixed reactions.


Susan Kanini: There’s wisdom in silence. You don’t have to pull others down to validate yourself. Remember, your current wife is still a pre-25 year old. She is getting into a stage of self-discovery..Be careful

Njeri Mwangi: God makes everything beautiful at His own time and in this life no one is in a competition with the other. I pray that everything works to Keziah’s favor

Rakeera Waithira: Welcome to Kenya where pple are full of opinions on how you should live your own life and they are full of negative energy

Lucy John: You owe no one on social media an explanation, Its your life. SILENCE, SILENCE, SILENCE. Many battles have been won through silence. Let the will of the lord be done

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