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Muthoni Mukiri: Why I have lost so much weight after giving birth



Muthoni Mukiri a media personality says her pregnancy journey was not very smooth.

Muthoni gave birth to her first child a month ago.

While interacting with her Facebook fans, the former Inooro FM news anchor revealed she lost so much weight during her pregnancy.

She was commenting to a fan identified as Anastacia Nganga who talked about Muthoni’s small body despite being a new mum.

Muthoni also stated that she was taking plenty of warm water which had also aided in her weight loss after giving birth.

“My tummy is not that flat, I have a FUPA(fat upper pubic area) kidogo which I dont mind. But I think taking warm water because of breastfeeding has helped,” she said before adding:

“At the same time, I lost a lot of weight during pregnancy coz nausea lasted till delivery that’s why I look thin,” she said.

Earlier on, she also thanked comedian Teacher Wanjiku for being supportive during her pregnancy journey revealing that she came through for her when ‘morning sickness wanted to kill her.”

Muthoni Mukiri met her Isaac at a Chama Party to which she was invited by a friend.

“We met a year ago. An ex-colleague invited me to a Chama party. They told me they have some Mbuzi and drinks, so I took my friend Shiko (Teacher Wanjiku) and we went.

The party was really nice and we were introduced to everyone,” Muthoni said.

After giving birth, Muthoni has been updating her fans about her motherhood journey which includes her talking about having sleepless nights.

“The way I have been missing in action in these streets. Nitarudi na ubaya ni venye huku kwangu tuko marathon juu ya haka kamtu but we love it”

She also thanked her family, more so her sister for providing the much-needed help.

“At the hosi was all comfort lots of help and routine until you get home and you realize this is it. It’s beautiful and intense.”

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